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Media Content Creation

Updated: May 8, 2020

Are You Aiming to Reach the Chinese Market with a Marketing Strategy? For WeChat Content Creation or Media Content Creation, Call Why C Media.

Do you want to reach new markets and build a marketing strategy that helps bring new customers into the fold? At Why C Media, we're here to assist you with boosting deals, developing your online presence and focusing on WeChat content creation. We have a Chinese media outreach program that is a great way to drive traffic to your website from WeChat or Weibo. At Why C Media, we believe that all people should “C” your work. That’s why we work with you on media content creation and put an emphasis on excellent content creation. We’ll help you with building a following on Instagram, Tiktok and different social media platforms.

What do we do? At Why C Media, we start by creating your presence on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Little Red Book, Facebook, Tiktok, WeChat and others. It’s possible to use the WeChat Mini Program to direct people to your website, too. If you’re not familiar with Chinese social media, just know that it is an amazing, and often untapped, source of income and an excellent audience.

Through CPC and CPM publicizing and media outreach, we’ll help you develop a presence that draws in your audience. We have a system of different web pages and providers who can share your content to reach audiences immediately. We can also help you reach out to social media influencers who can help spread the word about your products and boost the influx of individuals to your website.

At Why C Media, we’re based in Canada. We know how hard it can be to reach out to people in other countries, but that’s why we love what we do. We can help you bridge the gap and reach an audience that you otherwise may have missed. Send us an email today at info@whycmedia or by filling out a contact form. We’ll endeavor to get back to you within 48 hours, so that we can talk to you about all your social media goals and your marketing plans.

Those of us at Why C Media would like to say thank you for coming to our website. We would also like to direct you to a list of some of our amazing brands and partners. We’ve worked with popular companies and helped them build the presence that you’re looking for with yours. We know that we can help your company overcome any challenges that you’re dealing with currently, and we’ll help boost your presence online.

When you call, have your information ready. We’d love to consult with you about your goals and what you’d like to see in your marketing plan.

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