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WeChat Live Commerce: An Emerging Digital Marketing Method to Increase Online Sales

With the acceleration of online commercialization, various new digital marketing methods have emerged in recent years - LIVE Commerce is one of them. As a new service method for online display of products and consultation through live broadcast technology, Live Commerce continues to be accepted by more people.

On October 2, 2020, the largest Chinese social media platform - WeChat - which also has the largest amount of Chinese users, officially announced the integrated live commerce function. Today, WeChat users can find a new portal to initiate a live broadcast, which exactly next to the “Post Activity” button on the WeChat Channel.

Since all the tools in the WeChat marketing are associated with each other, the WeChat Live Commerce will perfectly connect to the WeChat Channel, WeChat Mini Program, and other functions, completing the Closed Loop Marketing within the WeChat platform, from Traffic Driven to Conversion. This not only provides businesses with more digital marketing solutions in daily promotions but also creates a reliable traffic portal to increase conversions for holiday sales.

Why does Live Commerce on WeChat have a higher conversion rate?

WeChat is a platform based on Private Traffic. However, through the special recommendation mechanism of WeChat Channel, the diffusion of content from Private Traffic to “Relative Public Traffic” can be achieved. It is also with this “Relative Public Traffic”, WeChat Live Commerce has a more accurate and reliable target audience than the other platforms, which contributes to a higher conversion rate.

In general, Live Commerce on WeChat has THREE advantages over other platforms:

1. A Large Number of Chinese Users

As the largest Chinese social platform, WeChat has a very large number of daily active users (DAU), almost including user groups of all ages. And just because these users have a high degree of trust in the WeChat platform, the emerging model of digital marketing such as Live Commerce can be widely involved.

2. High Customer Stickiness

Most of the official accounts and communities on WeChat are based on private traffic, which can accumulate a group of customers with high stickiness. This will not only promote conversions but also spread within the platform and achieve fission marketing.

3. Closed-Loop Marketing

Merchants can build their own digital stores within the WeChat platform, which allows customers to complete online orders directly while or after watching the live broadcast. This marketing model will provide users a smooth online shopping experience, preventing the loss of traffic to other platforms at the same time.

Interested in how to increase online sales through WeChat Live Commerce?

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