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Douyin Advertising: Expand the Chinese Market with Short Videos

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

For advertisers, one of the most basic principles is that more traffics, more potential customers existed. With the development of the mobile Internet, short videos have gradually replaced newspapers, magazines, broadcasts and become the mainstream communication media currently. At the same time, the popularity of new media also makes the short-video platform a gathering place for user traffic nowadays.

For the Chinese market, the rising new media platforms have seized more and more market share. Among them, Douyin occupies a clear advantage in terms of MAU and Average Usage Time.

Utilizing Douyin Advertising in a good way will have a positive impact on enhancing brand exposure, building your own brand image and expanding the Chinese market.

Generally, there are FOUR Advertising Formats on Douyin Platform:

1. Open Screen Ads

Place Ads as the format of short videos on the open screen, which is the first entrance to the Douyin App. The Open Screen Ads has a strong visual impact to all kinds of users.

2. Click-Through Ads

Click-through ads will be shown in the short-video stream just like other organic posts on Douyin, which provides a seamless user experience. It is also possible for advertisers to use various methods for further promotion on the ads, such as sharing or sticking to the top.

3. Customized Sticker

Customize some brand-specific stickers on Douyin is also a good way for promotion. To have a better marketing result in this way, it is recommended for advertisers to purchase a slot continuously for stickers, as well as ensure to update stickers every week.

4. KOL Ads

The KOL Ads on Douyin refers to an advertising service in which the influencers publish commercial videos for advertisers. The video length will be 15s, produced by the influencers according to different requirements.

At last, it is crucial to choose the right ads format which suits your business best for promotion. If you do have the plan to expand the Chinese market with your compelling short videos, Douyin will be the perfect platform for you to start.

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