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How to find the right partner for your WeChat store?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

For most brands, it is challenging to expand businesses to Chinese customers, which is a great potential market with a completely unique ecosystem of social networks and e-commerce platforms such as WeChat.

Consequently, choosing the right partner is vital for the success of any marketing strategy about expanding Chinese market. Here are some guidelines to pick the right company to launch your brand on WeChat Store - the most popular platform among Chinese users.

What is WeChat?

WeChat is the dominating social media platform and messaging space for Chinese people, which has over 1.15 billion monthly active users (MAUs). WeChat also has impressive engagement rates with over 50% of users using it at least 90 minutes a day.

Integrated with three main features, WeChat provides users with nearly all kinds of basic needs in daily life, such as instant messaging, information sharing, payment solutions, etc.

  • Live Chat: The primary feature of WeChat. It allows people to send instant messages to others in a chat interface.

  • Moments: An area to share the latest information and updates with friends, which is similar to the Facebook timeline.

  • WeChat Pay: The most innovative section of WeChat, which provides users a more convenient way to live and pay. WeChat Pay supports people with various payment services, such as money transferring, ticket bookings, online/offline shopping, etc.

WeChat store refers to any e-commerce experiences embedded within WeChat, which could be a simple website (HTML5) optimized for WeChat or a WeChat mini-program. For any companies with plans to reach more Chinese market, this will be an effective way by building a WeChat store and making their products or services available on WeChat.

What is a WeChat Store Partner?

A WeChat Store Partner can be not only a marketing agency that helps you set-up brand account and develop online stores on WeChat, but also the influencers on the WeChat platform who can lead a significant brand exposure.

A WeChat Store Partner includes but not limited to the following scope of work:

  • WeChat Official Account Setup & Brand Positioning

  • WeChat Content Management

  • WeChat CPC/CPM campaigns

  • Mini-Program Development

  • Mini-Program Content Management

  • Mini-Website Design & Development

  • Customer service

What is the cost of a WeChat Store partner?

Typically, WeChat Store partners charge fixed fees for operation.

In North America, Why C Media works as the WeChat Store partner and provides relevant services to various businesses. For your reference, to work with Why C Media, the annual investment can be as low as CA$30,000 for a WeChat launch and operation. Contact US to get more details on our service items and quotation.

Steps to pick a WeChat Store partner:

1. Pick from WeChat Mini-program developers

Many WeChat Mini-Programs are operated in a very professional way and have a large user base, where are also good places for people to get the information on relevant WeChat partners.

To obtain the developer information, people can simply open a WeChat Mini-program and click the ellipsis at the right top corner. After being re-directed to the brand home page, click the ellipsis again and choose “More info”. All the relevant information on the developer will be listed in the red circled area below.

2. Pick from popular WeChat Official Accounts

The most popular official accounts on WeChat are usually cooperating with a high-performing partner, which also has a number of followers and mentions.

People can utilize the search feature inside WeChat and get related data for each brand, including followers, number of comments, view numbers, etc.

3. Pick the right partner for specific business goals

Different partners have professional experience in different aspects of WeChat operation, such as WeChat Mini-program development, content management, CPC/CPM campaigns, etc.

For the companies that have the plan to expand the market through WeChat, it is essential to pick the right partner. Review previous cases and data carefully, and ensure to pick a high-performing partner which can bring you the marketing results you care most.

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